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Sugar Me Paste and Sugar Me Technique

The Sugar Me Technique is the most gentle and effective method of hair removal for all skin types and hair textures. Year after year, we continue to provide continual hair refinement and diminished treatments, which can lead to permanent results. Sugar Me Beauty Professionals are taught to share “the knowledge” with their clients. They understand the value of teaching their clients how their treatments will work and what they can expect from their treatments. As well, the importance of implementing the Sugar Me home skin care regime.

With our Sugarme Technique, the sugar paste is massaged onto the skin against the natural growth of the hair. Our molding technique allows the sugar paste to penetrate the follicle while wrapping itself around the hair shaft. Full lubrication of the hair and the follicle by the sugar paste results in a gentler extraction without traumatizing or re-directing the natural direction of the follicle, reducing, and eliminating in-grown hairs. Factual and simple; the logic behind this part of the Sugarme Theory enhanced our resolution to enlighten the entire beauty and wellness profession with the Sugarme Body Sugaring advanced technique. It’s that simple.

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Sugar Me Products


Body Lotion


Removes unwanted hair with a long-lasting effect. Applicable to any skin area. Prevents the formation of ingrown hairs. Can be applied using the bandage. Suitable for cool spaces and cool technicians’ hands.

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